I first started coming to the Center in 2011 when I was pregnant with my first child who is now 5. Now that he is five he no longer gets clothing from the center because none of the clothing fits, but now I have a one-year-old daughter, and I definitely plan to bring her until I can no longer. It’s so helpful getting free clothes and diapers. You even get free food and bathing products and shoes. It is a blessing to receive help from here.

(Note from the PRCOL….The items Ashely received were through our Earn While You Learn program)


An unplanned pregnancy after years of endometriosis with a rebound boyfriend. I recently separated from my abusive partner let me with choices to abort, adopt or try and raise a child with no home, no income and no support. This little life was not mine to take away; God gave it, and I will leave it to God to determine death. Even a broke as I was I quit all my addictions and decided money wasn’t a good reason to abandon when other children really need to be adopted, my love and commitment would see us through. I immediately enrolled in the local pregnancy center. I have received 90% or more of all the bay and mommy supplies I need (including some really good advice and helpful information). I highly recommend new parents and experienced parents to join. I’m now thriving as a single mom, in my own apartment bringing my son to work with me as a caregiver with a growing support network through the center, church, and established family ties. True to the Word: God will provide! God bless and thank you for being apart of this center.


I have been going to the Pregnancy Center for almost three years now. I started out going before my son was born, he’s now about three. I would say that I have learned a very great amount of information through that time period and still learning as I go. I am now five months pregnant with my second child. I am having a boy! I really enjoy this program, and I am happy that I have the opportunity to go and know of this program because it has helped me out so much. I absolutely love what they provide for us whether it’s the things we get to learn and read up on or the work that we do to earn points to shop or being able to come in and have the opportunity to talk with one on one with very nice peer counselors that make you feel respected and appreciated. I am so very thankful for the store that they have set up so I’m able to get things that I need for my children. I can’t explain how helpful it is to my family! So thank you!